Private house, apartment construction, reconstruction and renovation.

Izmantojiet peles skrollu vai “uz augšu” , “uz leju” taustiņus

Hot offers

Insulation with eco-wool

The best what you can do this year, is to 


Building company Arhibūve offers all type of construction services


With us you will save, earn and fulfill your visions. 

Other offers

Other offers

Work/ building cost estimation.

Cost estimation FOR FREE, if project is executed by Arhibuve

Design, designer services

Project maintanance

a)Maintanance and different type of improvement work execution

Property preparation for selling

Job offers

Job offers

Are you construction worker, electrician, plumber, carpenter, bricklayer and other larger or smaller specialist in the industry? Construction company Arhibuve encourages you to coorporate. We operate in Riga and elsewhere in Latvian. Call us or fill in the form to apply or get more information. 

Earning opportunities, extra income

Earning opportunities, extra income

Arhibuve will pay reimbursement everyone, who will attract the customers, which the company will have further cooperation  (project contract). Reimbursement is 5% of total sum of the project payment Arhibuve has received. 

Payment, post payment, fundraising

Payment, post payment, fundraising

Arringing the contract past payment up to 50% from the amount  possible. Payment term by aggreement. 


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